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Think out of the box and set the stage for your business to go in greater heights. Small to medium business groups can take advantage of the lower cost SMS and voice solutions that AvanceZone provides. A wide range of potential application can be made of with help of the Voice Solutions we offer. If you wish to capture your sales and widen up your business to various places, you need to think of SMS and Voice solutions that make your marketing strategy more effective.

In today’s global scenario, where cellular generation is taking place, make use of it to generate business through it. SMS revolution is here; take the chance of being a part of it by availing the service of SMS gateway technologies. AvanceZone has the capabilities of offering latest SMS Gateway technologies and solutions. Mobile applications are available in wide range that can be used for any sized business

SMS transmits are the watchword of today’s marketing industry. Transforming messages to mobile network traffic from any media or vise versa is known as SMS gateway. A SMS gateway would be as simple as forwarding e-mail to a mobile phone. Sending bulk SMS from a computer as become very easy now a days. With just one touch, a message can be passed on to hundreds of mobile phone around the country just in few seconds. Mobile marketing has taken a major place in today’s marketing world, through SMS Gateway technology.

A two-way communications interface connecting desktop clients using Instant Messaging and Voice Over IP protocols and mobiles is offered by the SMS and voice gateway. Whether a person is an IM client, VOIP client, mobile or landline, using text or voice, he or she can connect to somebody through SMS and Voice Gateway. SMS messaging/Voice Gateway performance and cost is very flexible to the customers, and hence there is a great demand for the applications.

The implementation of SMS Gateway and Voice are as follows.

  • Direct to Mobile Appliance technology
  • Direct to SMSC Gateway
  • Carrier-Provided SMS to E-Mail Gateways


SMS Solution Resources :

SMS Terms and Conditions : SMS Terms and Conditions

SMS SLA(Service Level Agreement) General : SMS SLA

AvanceZone SMS NDNC (Non-DND) PRIORITY route Form : Click here to Download




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